Consistent production system

Consistent production system

We design and are produce a die-casting die.

First the product is designed by the latest CAD/CAM system. The product is processed using NC equipment based on the design. And the product is delivered after check of three-dimensional testing equipment and an inspector.

We can respond to all customer's needs from a trial-product to mass-product goods.

CAD/CAM system

CAD/CAM system

The level of Quality for our products is higher than before.
So we use a CAD/CAM system to make a perfect product.

Our product is managed strictly by a system from a design to production.
We keep challenging.

The best performance


<ISO9001:2008> Attestation acquisition

We have the latest NC equipment and long technical power.

We make custom-made products. Technique was being improved.

Flexible thought, Latest facilities, Quality control. We're estimated by such reason.

Quality controlLatest facilitiesImproved technique

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